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September  2014

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*        #FOG rocks the house

*        For the love of fashion

*        Failure is not the end




17th, 24th September

#FOG Round 1 airs on FMA Channel

1st – 30th September

#2015 Registrations Open

27th September – 27th October

#Welela Shoots

1st – 31th September

#FOG, #Ignite Postproduction


Principal’s Pen

For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

Nelson Mandela

September is not only the start of Spring, but on the 24th we celebrate Heritage Day. It is on this day that we celebrate all cultures, beliefs and traditions and in the wider context of a nation’s day that belongs to all its people.

September has also been an exciting month for all our Footprinters as they are busy on their internships and nine of the students will be working on a film being shot by Welela TV both in Gauteng and the Western Cape.  Make us proud team.

It is also a big welcome to Gia, sister to Shiloh. May she give as much love and joy as she is loved.

And remember :  “There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. The one is roots. The other is wings.”  Hooding Carter Jnr.


Description: Shiloh wili vir susi Los nie


JL Marketing Solutions is a marketing and consulting agency with extensive experience through Africa. Our services include consulting on skills development and training, marketing, brochure development and printing, branded promotional items brand management and project management. Marketing through Africa requires a unique combination of skills, disciplines and experience. It is this insightful knowledge and understanding that is our point of difference.

In today’s challenging economic environment, often with limited marketing budget and staff resources, JL Marketing Solutions can assist you to develop, formalise and implement an integrated marketing strategy, one that is aligned to your overall business strategy.

For more information please contact us on or by phone Juanita 072 593 1683 or Lindsay 082 404 6726 or visit our website


A new season blossoms

By Prudence Thabethe

Its good bye to autumn and hello to spring. A season of various beautiful bright colours and flowers blossoming.  Although it is still quiet cold, it’s exciting to finally move into a new season, one of my favourite seasons indeed because you can hear birds chirping and it’s just so cheerful.

So I decided to go on various websites and compile some interesting facts about spring:

*        If you stand at the equator on the first day of spring you will see the sun pass directly overhead. This only happens twice a year. The first day of spring and the first day of autumn.

*        The first day of spring is called the Vernal Equinox. Vernal is Latin for spring and Equinox is Latin for Equal Days

*        On the first day of spring, known as the Vernal Equinox, both day and night each has 12 hours.

*        Spring fever is a real syndrome. When the temperature rises during the warm spell after a long winter, there is a dilation of the blood vessels so blood can be carried to the body surface where heat can be lost quickly. People experience an energetic feeling when this happens.

*        Spring is a symbol of rebirth.

Enjoy this beautiful season and remember:

"Spring is when life's alive in everything." - Christina Rossetti





#FOG gains tempo

By Sheryl Matthews

The Face of Gemini will be heating up very soon with the Top 20 DJ’s battling it out in a club to determine the ultimate ambassador, The Face of Gemini.

The last few months has seen the grueling process of editing Rounds 1 – 3. More than 180 hours of footage was recorded on 4 different cameras. Our Footprinters have been meticulously sifting through the footage in search of the good, the bad……and the ugly!

Round 1 auditions are now being uploaded onto Footprint Media TV’s YouTube channel every Wednesday. Round 2 and 3 will follow directly thereafter.

Once all 3 rounds have been aired, it will be up to the viewers to vote for their favourite DJ, who will be crowned the first Face of Gemini DJ.


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Movie Reveiws

By Paballo Mthakathi




Sin City

This particular movie was a different experience for me; normally Robert Rodrigues films come with a sense of predictability. This movie, however, did a good job of misleading me in the plot and putting the wrong investment in the wrong characters. The new Sin City seems to be the prequel and the sequel at the same time which I found a little confusing. Most of the original cast on the film were still in film, along with some new young A-listed actors such as the young and beautiful Eva green, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Josh Brolin, each with a unique story to play in the film.

Aside from the excessive nudity and unrealistic action, the story itself played well and was constructed very well. Perhaps the director should break tradition and shoot the film in full colour, and could possibly work better on the actions scenes (they were really boring).

Out of an overall rating I would the movie a 6/10 rating.


Spirit Word

Lofdal Creche

We would like to share our pride and joy – the foundation of our future – Lofdal Crèche.

The crèche celebrated their 25th birthday this year together with Lofdal Christian School at Spirit Word Ministries.  We have the best qualified staff in this department to take special care of the little ones in all aspects from wiping a nose, to teaching the ABC and life-skills.  Lofdal Crèche is open to all ages starting from 3 months to grade R.  Your child will learn fundamentals of the word of God and a strong foundation in Christ will be laid.  We are truly blessed with the best!! 

Sons of Life

What a great privilege to have a band born here in our midst.  ‘Sons of Life’ was nominated for the IEMA awards and the winners will be announced on 3 October 2014 in Kentucky, USA.   Their Album, WE WILL FLY, was nominated for best Gospel Rock band and the song, SWALLOWED UP BY LIFE, was nominated as best Gospel Rock song.  We are truly proud of them!

Happy Birthday Annelise!

What a privilege to have celebrated the birthday of Annalise van Rensburg in the month of August.  We are truly blessed with her presence and thankful to have her as a leader.  Lofdal Christian School made sure that she got enough birthday wishes and we all sang for her.  She was showered with love from all and every class made her a special birthday card.

The future of nutrition in South Africa

A new wave of excitement is hitting South Africa. A new boost of energy that not only has the ability to boost your energy in a healthy way, but also boost your wallet in times where scarcity is in abundance. Everywhere we look we see energy drinks being advertised, young and old alike have a need for that extra boost in a fast lane life. The BIG question that most forget to ask is the following, “How healthy is this energy and for how long can you keep consuming it?”

I am excited to introduce to you, VERVE

With its super nutritious formula, you can now have an all-in-one energy drink that feeds your body instead of just giving you a short-lived high.

Verve is:

*        The best of both worlds

*       The powerful energy and premium nutrition that you need

*        The all-in-one, natural choice for fast-acting energy blend

*        An ultra-premium, plant based vitamin and mineral supplement

*       A powerful super juice of mangosteen and aloe phytonutrients

Each can of Verve contains:

*        80 mg of natural caffeine Refreshing, lightly carbonated tropical flavor

*        Low natural sugar content

*        Unique blend of energy-enhancing ingredients

*        12 full-spectrum vitamins

*        Over 65 major, trace and ultra-trace plant sourced minerals

*        No gluten

*        No artificial flavors or colors 

Description: 2013_VerveReg_Can.jpg

Verve will not be for sale in any retail store. The distribution of this amazing product has taken a completely social approach.

For more information on how you can purchase some of this product or on how you can become involved with this amazing opportunity feel free to contact me.

De Villiers du Plessis

079 612 9394

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Taking a gap year?

Why not teach English!

It’s never too late to learn to teach English, or to speak the language.

At the Language Guild, we offer:

*       Courses for Potential Teachers

*       Courses for Learners



Footprint Productions

Foot printers are now open for business! We offer High Definition video coverage services in Corporate, Training and Music videos; Our all roundFootprinters also cover special events such as Birthdays, Weddings, Twenty –firsts etc.

Contact us on 087 720 087

or email

for premium price videos.



Failure is not the end

By Keenen Leqoalana

At times we fail, and we often think it’s the end of the world. Well let me enlighten you…it’s not. Sometimes failure reminds us that we have lost our focus in any goal we had before we failed

I’ve failed before but, my failure helped me to focus more, it helped me not to give up ever again, because I now know how it felt to fail. In some circumstances we need to understand when something wasn’t meant to be, and when you have failed.

If something wasn’t meant to happen, you will know, because you have given it your all and still made no progress. When you have failed you will know it. At times we fail because we didn’t give it our all. To some degree, failure helps us to set our priorities straight.

A lot of us have felt failure coming from far, because we know our capabilities, and we know we can do better in it next time. Failure does not determine your future. I failed a grade in high school, but today I am a second year student @footprint media academy.  I failed a grade at school, but today I have my own blog. I failed a grade in high school, but I am working towards having my own business soon.

No matter how many times you fail. Failure does not determine your future.  

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By Palesa Mphithi

For the love of fashion

By Kathy Kgoroeadira

Its heritage month so on this month’s issue we are featuring a lady who goes by the name of Jacky who sponsored us with the looks we had for our cover shoot.

Jacky is the owner of Keratin Konnection studio which is situated in Auckland Park 1 Empire Rd JHB 2092. She’s a super talented woman who does nails, hair and also designs and makes beautiful clothing in African print. Jacky always loved seeing women done up, beautiful make-up, hair, nails and clothing and that was basically her inspiration to go into the beauty industry and open up her studio. Her passion for fashion started at the age of 14 and that’s when she attended the school of beauty in Uganda and also taught there at the age of 17.

So this goes to show that age should never be an excuse to why you aren’t making things happen for yourself. Here are some of the looks we had for our cover shoot.


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1 Lewis Road,

Cnr Barry Hertzog and Empire Road,




087 720 0825





Web Site:

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Featured Footprinter


Nqobile Khoza

Who is Nqobile?

Nqobile is me, I can’t really say more than that

How has your experience been in Johannesburg?

City life was a new experience for me, the hustle and bustle was very intense but I’m adjusting…

How’s life at footprint?

it’s been nice, I’ve seen a lot of people, made so many friends, and now apparently I have a boyfriend.

What is your type of man?

I don’t really have a type, if I like you I like you. It doesn’t matter what you look like or what you do.

Where do you see yourself after completing your diploma?

I see myself working. Just imagine how much money I’m gonna make!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Hanging out with friends, having a good time, and enjoying good food with good people

What is your favourite meal?

A Burger!... Wait wait… A Sandwich

Are you a good listener?

What career choice do you want to pursue after completing your qualification?

To be honest I’m not yet quite certain, I still want to explore my options and gather as much knowledge as possible


Footprint Famo Birthdays!


Virgo  (8/23 - 9/23)

Only one September baby in the house.

Happy b’day to Ruby Manning

You could have realizations this month about how you relate to others.  Communications with loved ones can help to work through any problems.  Compassion, forgiveness and understanding will be flowing to help you improve your partnerships.  Planetary forces will be at work to help you access more optimism and courage.  The timing is right for a change that’s been brewing for a while and this month’s astrology is encouraging you to go for it! Read more >>





Its not just a footprint,

It’s a legacy

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