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November  2014

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20th – 30th November

#Footprinters 306 shoots

1st August - 31st  December

#2015 Registrations Open

1st  December-12th December

#Footprinters 306 edits

5th December

#FOG Final


Principal’s Pen

When I was a kid, there was no collaboration; it's you with a camera bossing your friends around. But as an adult, filmmaking is all about appreciating the talents of the people you surround yourself with and knowing you could never have made any of these films by yourself.

Steven Spielberg

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November has been an exciting month for us at FMA.  The Gauteng students are back from their Internships although the April and July 2013 Intake are still scheduled to work at Welela TV (busy shooting and editing before the silly season hits us).  In January we start our multi camera training so the rest of the gang are working on presentations for their studio shoots and have really come up with some great program ideas.  Watch this space in February to see what they are doing.

Not to be outdone, our BAY TV Learners have come up with their own studio production, YOUTH PERSPECTIVE and are busy rehearsing for their studio shoots which happen in December.

Not forgetting our Spirit Word students who are no longer students as they have passed their Diploma in Media Techniques, we are awaiting their certifications’ from the UK.  Well done to all of you, we are VERY proud!


We are now down to our last semi-finalists of the reality show FACE OF GEMINI and on the 5th December we will be recording AND announcing the WINNER  - who will not only receive GEMINI DJ equipment, but also become the GEMINI DJ  Brand Ambassador for a year, so for all of you who want to come and join in the action pop down to NEH Nightclub at 54, 4th Street, Marlboro

Remember to go to our YouTube Channel

We are now coming up to the December/January break and it is a time when everyone scrambles to get part time work for the holidays. Our students have been busy with their business modules to help them become entrepreneurs and if you go our web page maybe this can help you to also generate your own income.

And remember :  “The best way to predict your future is to create it” - Peter F Drucker

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JL Marketing Solutions is a marketing and consulting agency with extensive experience through Africa. Our services include consulting on skills development and training, marketing, brochure development and printing, branded promotional items brand management and project management. Marketing through Africa requires a unique combination of skills, disciplines and experience. It is this insightful knowledge and understanding that is our point of difference.

In today’s challenging economic environment, often with limited marketing budget and staff resources, JL Marketing Solutions can assist you to develop, formalise and implement an integrated marketing strategy, one that is aligned to your overall business strategy.

For more information please contact us on or by phone Juanita 072 593 1683 or Lindsay 082 404 6726 or visit our website



#FOG final is in sight

By Hlulani Mabunda

Friday the 7th of November 2014,

As the Johannesburg sun began to smile over the already busy traffic, the FOOTPRINT MEDIA T.V CREW stood ready, armed with camera’s, lights and passion - they were ready for the Face of Gemini Top 20 Semi-Finals. 

With a convoy of 3 vehicles cars, they made their way to “Neh” a club and restaurant in Alexandra where the top 20 DJ finalists were going to strut their stuff.

Despite the 5 DJ’s who seemed to have “chickened” out, the competition started with a bang. The atmosphere was viby and laid back and each of the DJ’s gave it their all. Many sent the crew onto the dance floor.

“Having been a cameraman in such a shoot was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and although we had to shoot for more than 6 hours, I hardly felt the strain because of the energy of the whole programme…” Tebego Mokgoadi said.

As the hours went by the crew as well as the DJ appreciated a scrumptious meal that revitalized the crew as they prepared for the second phase.

The DJ’s also got an opportunity to convince the public to like their performances on the Footprint YouTube Page as well as the links on Footprint Media Academy’s Facebook page.

The top 5 contestants will be revealed on the 5th of December where they will perform one last time before the winner is announced later the same day.

Keep checking our posts on  Facebook and YouTube for updates.


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Palesa’s Intense-ship days

By Palesa Mphithi



Before I started my internship I was told to humble myself because I was about to be a “skivvy”.  I went there with and open mind and before I even stepped in I toughened up because I knew that I wasn’t going to smile for long.

The first few days I learnt how to cut and paste tape labels.  Then I had to learn how to make coffee for the commissioning editor, this was not just any type of coffee because I had to serve it in a very high class way.  That’s how I was initiated as an intern at Welela Studios.

Even though my first few weeks were not all smiles and giggles, as the weeks passed I actually got to learn a lot. I was part of the coordination team for the television show “Talk SAand the movie “Bond of Blood”.  The coordination team is the core of the whole production company because without them there would be nothing to produce.

I worked long hours and always had puffy eyes. The only thing that always kept me awake was caffeine and energy drinks. Most of the time there was no time to eat so I always had to eat on the go, a meal once a day was enough. 

At times I felt like crying because I felt like there were so many sharks around me and they were all out to get me. L L L

I learned how to listen carefully, that prevented me from making small unnecessary mistakes. I learned how to speak politely and work with different people.  So I can say that my communication skills have improved.

Being the production assistant for the movie was a lot of pressure because if something was to go wrong the first people they’d ask were my team and I. As an intern you are taken out of your comfort zone, so it is always best to have an open mind because that’s when you will be able to learn.

The advice I would give to other interns is, don’t go there thinking that you know it all, go there with an open mind and do not forget why you started. Don’t get too comfortable with doing everyone’s work because no one will take you seriously and assume that you are happy with what you do. Do what you have to do and get noticed, be out there but don’t be in people’s faces.

 I truly think that I have grown and I am grateful because I got to see how it is in this industry. I can proudly say that I went there ready, all thanks to Cheryl Delport and Sheryl Lynn Matthews.



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Footprint Productions

Foot printers are now open for business! We offer High Definition video coverage services in Corporate, Training and Music videos; Our all roundFootprinters also cover special events such as Birthdays, Weddings, Twenty –firsts etc.

Contact us on 087 720 087

or email

for premium price videos.

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An oasis of fun perched between Sandton and Alex

The one place you can experience the upmarket feel of Sandton, whilst hanging around a young and trendy crowd in the middle of Alex, is at neh! restaurant. neh! offers an attractive restaurant, club, shisa-nyama, butchery and cigar lounge in the middle of Alexander.

Good food and outstanding service is what you can expect from this winner of the 2014 American Express Platinum Fine Dining Award. The menu boasts a traditional mix of dishes including dumplings, pap, samp, with mala le mogodu, pork trotters, chicken, lamb and beef stew. Some of the interesting local colloquial have been adopted to name a few of the dishes such as tsutsumani, mangqina etc.

The butchery entrance is located outside the building where patrons can buy the meat and have it grilled at the braai spot (shisa-nyama).

In stark contrast to the soothing traditional food, the alcoholic beverage list is an ostentatious chiller featuring the likes of Hennessy, Courvoisier, Moet Rose Imperial, La Motte Millennium, Meerlust Rubicon as well as local and imported beers. 

Boasting a 150-seater restaurant on the first floor and a series of elegant private VIP lounges above, neh! offers the most ideal space for corporate functions, business meetings and friends get-togethers.

Walking into neh! you will be struck by the flamboyant decor that gives this restaurant an energetic yet comfortable African atmosphere. Indigenous artefacts which have been collected from around the continent create an ambiance that is simultaneously welcoming, stylish and relaxed. An inviting bar area  by the entrance create a buzz throughout the ground floor and set the tone for an exciting dining experience, while the patio provides the perfect perch to catch a glimpse of the stark lifestyle differences between the glitzy Sandton and humble living conditions of the people of Alexandra.

neh! restaurant and lounge offers an attractive, stylish and up-market feel that draws political bigwigs, celebrities, businessmen and a young and trendy crowd that mostly fills the club’s dance floor on weekends. There’s no formal dress code but patrons know how to dress up for the place, with women in their elegant dresses and stilettos and guys often looking snazzy in smart-casual gear.

Revellers come in hoards to celebrate the start of the weekend from Friday evenings, where the surrounding streets and the parking lot will be graced by classy sports cars that most only dream about. The in-house DJ often keeps the crowd dancing to hip-hop and house tunes until dawn the next morning. 

Neh! is located at number 54, 4th Street, Marlboro and the restaurant is open daily and serves breakfast from 07:00 a.m.

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Taking a gap year?

Why not teach English!

It’s never too late to learn to teach English, or to speak the language.

At the Language Guild, we offer:

Description: *       Courses for Potential Teachers

Description: *       Courses for Learners

Spirit Word

Youth Camp

Our Youth Camp is around the corner! We are so excited...Sons of Life and One Crown will be performing @ the Youth Camp. Our youth Band will also release their first album, and they are very excited about it. What a great time for the youth...Taking more then a 100 kids on an awesome Youth Camp...

Lofdal Christian School

We have had the awesome privilege of spending a fabulous night out in 'Paris' with our matric students on their farewell. These students were greatly impacted during their School years here at Lofdal Christian School and we will miss them very much.

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By Frekkie Thulane Sandlane

The bazzing art vibes,

The streets light, light gold

hooters sounds cry endlessly...

People going up and down, they run, and push each other, and shoving people at the streets corners, selling, buying

crime, is ripe, it grows to its peak each day, In streets of Hilbrow, crime never sleeps drugs is their everyday food, they sleep, they walk, and breath crime pain, is at its cost Jozi, it's a city that never sleeps it's so much alive!

A place where everyone wants to be at

A city of gold,

Jozi 'maboneg', they say...

beggars, under the bridge,

no home, standing by the robots begging pleading for the little you have.

Wearing the same old clothes each day

begging, begging, and begging from the sunrise to sundown, just to have something in their stomach.

Their dreams are shattered, no place, to stay, no hope whatsoever!

Living each day as it comes with its challenges.

Jozi; the dream land of our African people.

Where life is too quick.


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By Keenen Leqoalana

At times we spend a lot of time fighting growth, by not listening to others. The sooner you realize that, the faster you grow mentally, and you get to humble yourself and you learn more from others. By listening, you build trust with the people you want to form any type of a relationship.

Sometimes not all conversations have value, as an individual, you need to take time and check the value of the conversations you listen to, or rather engage yourself in , cause whenever we listen we learn , so you wouldn’t want to listen to a conversation that has no value in making you grow .

Growth is blocked by thinking that we know it all. That’s when we don’t listen. Listening is a skill some have, but they do not realize it. Simply because they think they have it all. Some people may look interested in whatever you have to say, but their minds are far.

Your body is here, but your mind is on the other side of the world” J




By Palesa Mphithi

Mbokodo Awards 2014

By Kathy Kgoroeadira

Description: Description: Space Ibiza 25th Anniversary Tour

I was privileged to attend the Mbokodo awards held on 24 October 2014,
at the Theatre on Track, Kyalami Midrand. It was an event honoring successful woman in arts. As South Africa is celebrating 20 years of democracy it was only fitting that they made it the theme for this year’s awards 20 years of free artistic expression.

An award ceremony organized by the beautiful Carol Bouwer and her team Carol Bouwer Productions. I personally think this was an event that was well executed. “Through these Awards we recognize the contribution the women of our country continue to make in the arts, culture and heritage sector” is what Carol Bouwer said and this has influenced her to organize this event.

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Description: Description:

Here are some of Dineo’s outfit changes

A look that stood out for me was the dress Moneo wore, a traditional dress with a modern twist to it.

Nhlanhla Nciza also looked flawless in her mermaid figure hugging dress, she was honored with the award in the music category.

Description: Description: C:\Documents and Settings\2014010123086\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\4XARWHUV\B0nqkejCQAIOt5G[1].jpg

The hosts for the night were Anele Mdoda and Dineo Moeketsi both extremely talented individuals and I must say they did a great job throughout the night. As hosts they obviously had to have a lot of outfit changes and I must say they rocked ALL THE LOOKS!!

People looked stunning and elegant; I loved every moment spent there.


Description: Description: Sonar JHB

NACHIS Transport Service


Professional & Reliable


Transport service all the time everytime



Max 078 637 6215

or 083 852 0642



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1 Lewis Road,

Cnr Barry Hertzog and Empire Road,




087 720 0825





Web Site:



Featured Footprinter

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Advocate Vusimusi Zwane

Who is Vusi?

Vusi is  a…. Quiet , neat ah creative, and hardworking. Best DOP wanna be


What makes you happy?

Spending time with family and friends


What type of friends do you have?

Good friends


What makes them good?

…. I think  honesty….i think I have honest and trustworthy friends


What is your biggest fear?



If Vusi was a girl , what would your name be?



Why Lerato?

Bakhona nabafana abawo Lerato   (meaning there are some guys named Lerato)


Who is your role model and why?

Denzel Washington


What do you think of your fellow student’s footprinters?

They are good people to work with


Would you open a company with them…. Be honest


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Footprint Famo Birthdays!

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Scorpio  (10/23 -11/22)

Only one Scorpio in da house!

Happy b’day Pumlani Taulela

You’re primed for some personal awakenings this month, Scorpio!   Your self-perception and approach to the world may be up for examination.  Relationships are also a big focus and valuable insights can emerge in this area of your life.  Expressing personal truths are often a high priority for Scorpios, but sometimes your candor can rock the boat, especially in your relationships.  This month, you may see the value in choosing your battles and will have the opportunity to explore the balance between keeping it real and keeping the peace. Read more >>

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Its not just a footprint,

It’s a legacy

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Footprint Media Academy u  087 720 0825 u November 2014