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January  2015

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19th – 23rd January 2015

#2015 Registrations Open

26th – 30th January

2015 Student Orientation

16th February

2015 Academic year starts

14th – 31st January 2015

#IGNITE Round 1 uploads


Principal’s Pen


There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, to today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly, live

Dalai Lama


There is no glory for a lazy person however good looking.


Clean, clear, calm; these are characteristics of a noble person


It is hard to believe that the festive season is over and already we are half way through January of 2015.

This is a very exciting year for us at Footprint. 


This year 3 of our intakes finishes their training and in the middle of February we welcome our 2015 intake.

Registration closes on the 30th January and Orientation starts from Monday 26th January.

2013/2014 STUDENTS

By now you all know that our internships are built into our training and four of our students are working at Intelli Lab and Welela Studios.  

They will be coming back to us on facilitation days until their studies are finished.  We wish them all the best in their chosen careers

We are also happy to say that at the end of January our Bay TV learners in Port Elizabeth would have finished their MICT (Media, Information, Communication and Technology) Seta NQF Level 4 TV Operations, NQF Level 5 Film and TV Production and NQF Level 5 Journalism Learnerships.  Well done to all of you.  We are very proud of our ever growing Footprint Family.


We have always spoken about our on-line television Channel – Footprint Media Television – which is a Youth Interactive Reality channel.  In 2014, we ran the reality show Face of Gemini on our Footprint Media Television You Tube channel and for those of you who participated and watched, I am sure you will agree that it was a huge success. 

On the back of this success, we will now be uploading our presenter search show IGNITE from Friday 16 January.

Not to take away from our YOU TUBE channel, but in September of this year we will be ONLINE with our scheduled Footprint Media TV Channel.  The company is registered and we welcome one of our final year students Keenan Leqoalana as a board member of the channel.  Well-deserved Keenan.


Always remember : Our being is subject to all the chances of life.  There are so many things we are capable of that we could do.

The possibilities are so great that we never, any of us, are more than one-fourth filled -  Katherine Anne Porter

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2015….The year it ALL happens!

By Sheryl Matthews

Goodbye 2014…..Hello 2015! According to Nostradamus 2015 is a year of economic collapse, earthquakes and erupting volcanoes. It is also a year where humans learn to converse with animals, and differences in languages disappear.

Whether or not you believe this, one thing is for certain…..Footprint Media TV will be erupting onto your screens in September, and despite the economic collapse, we will continue to develop and empower the youth in the language of storytelling. Unlike many of our counterparts, we will not assist in increasing the unemployment rate, but will rather ensure that our students continue to experience the industry first-hand on their internships. We will continue to forge relationships with industry partners in order to give the students the workplace experience they need and we will continue to feed the industry with all our top performing students to reduce the scarce skills shortage faced by the Television industry.

Footprint Media Academy will be expanding into Limpopo and the Eastern Cape in 2015. This will allow the youth in these areas to also become part of an industry that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. Many of the students trained in these areas will become feeders into their local community TV channel as well as Footprint Media TV.

Footprint Media TV through our presenter search IGNITE will introduce brand new presenting talent into the industry. Auditions were held over a year ago and although the presenters thought that the project was abandoned, we have started uploading all the 1st round auditions onto our YouTube channel.  Take a bit of time and go and see some of the amazing talent we have out there.

Finally, as mentioned by Cheryl in her Principles Pen, Footprint Media TV is now a registered company which will become wholly owned by the graduates of Footprint Media Academy. Our best students will be identified and offered shares in Footprint Media TV. They will ultimately become responsible for the successful operation and management of the TV channel.

Exciting? You decide. We are going places and we are getting there FAST. If you want to be a part of this journey, then get your ticket and come and enjoy the ride.

Registrations close on the 30th January

Orientation : 26th – 30th January



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Footprint Famo Birthdays!

Capricorn  (12/21 - 1/20)

2 Early Ney Year babies!

Happy b’day Thulane and Madala

Self-improvement, your image, finances and big picture goals are strong themes for January.  With the Sun in your sign through the 20th, the first few weeks of the month are a great time to evaluate your life and focus on your dreams.  Capricorns’ are known for their work ethic, so you’re not likely to shy away from any hard work standing between you and what you want.  Making a master plan for the next year and beyond can energize and motivate you.  Later in the month will be an auspicious time to lay the groundwork for future financial success.

This month, all of us will be supported in working towards our dreams.  The opportunity for achievement exists as long as we’re willing to make a long-term commitment to do what it takes.  This is a month for Capricorns to shine.  Others may look to you for tips on how to make a solid plan to achieve personal or financial goals.  Read more >>




Its not just a footprint,

It’s a legacy

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