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August 2014

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18th-22th August

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25th August

#Registrations Open

20th – 31th August

#Welela Shoots

1st – 31th August

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Principal’s Pen


“A woman that knows her worth doesn’t measure herself against another woman, but stands strong, calmed and self-confident”.

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August hopefully sees the last of winter, although we did not have a bad one this year.

August has been a very busy month with the arrival of our studio equipment, the partnership between Welela Studios Entertainment and FMA and of course the Student Expo for Multichoice. 

If you haven’t already joined us on Facebook do so for all the latest and exciting updates of what is happening day by day.

Don’t forget that registration is now open for February 2015 so pass the information onto your colleagues and friends.

And remember :  “Be yourself, everyone else is

taken.”  Oscar Wilde



JL Marketing Solutions is a marketing and consulting agency with extensive experience through Africa. Our services include consulting on skills development and training, marketing, brochure development and printing, branded promotional items brand management and project management. Marketing through Africa requires a unique combination of skills, disciplines and experience. It is this insightful knowledge and understanding that is our point of difference.

In today’s challenging economic environment, often with limited marketing budget and staff resources, JL Marketing Solutions can assist you to develop, formalise and implement an integrated marketing strategy, one that is aligned to your overall business strategy.

For more information please contact us on or by phone Juanita 072 593 1683 or Lindsay 082 404 6726 or visit our website


Making the right decision

By Sheryl Matthews

With October just around the corner, all of the matriculants should be deep into their books in preparation for their final exams. These exam results will determine whether students get accepted into the institutions to which they have applied. Students who are interested in following a career in Media would, or will be in the process of applying to the media institution of their choice. Choosing the right institution for your needs is critical in succeeding with your studies.

It may seem strange that Footprint Media Academy, a film and tv training institution itself, would be willing to offer information regarding all the other training institutions available. We believe that the student should be provided with as much information as possible before making their final decision. Each institution has a place I the market as they all offer something different. It is up to the students to decide what it is they want to achieve and select the institution that will best serve their needs.

We have contacted most of the institutions to get some answers to the most common questions a student would ask when applying to study and we hope that this information will serve to assist anyone wanting to enter the world of Media.





Duration years

Cost per year

Accrediting body

Items included in cost


Work opportuities

Footprint Media Academy

Diploma in Media Techniques



R 35 000

City & Guilds


Everything except accommodation, food and transport to college


75% chance based on performance


BA motion picture

BA in performance



R 65 000


All text books and stationary

Only in 4th year honours

Not given

City Varsity

Diploma in film

BA Arts




Average of R 60 000



Depends on availability


Big Fish

Film and TV specializing in documentary

National Certificate

8 months

R 57 000


Text book, production cost and equipment

3 weeks

CV’s are sent out, but no guarantee

Reel Edge

Film ad business

Acting class



R 40 000-  R 48 000

Not given

Not given


DVD compiled and sent to companies


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Movie Reveiws

By ShowMe

Movies to watch before the end of winter

As the cold season of winter draws closer to its end, you can be assured this season is going to be on fire with the number of blockbuster hits coming out. Please note that the compilation below is action packed films, take a look at what to watch this August.


Reigning Words

By Pumlani Taulela

Footprint Media Television’s innovation streak doesn’t look to stop anytime soon, with a new concept breaking ground, a show, aptly named Reigning Words, where the power of television is matched and exceeded only by the voice of the youth that is featured regularly regardless of location or background. In this show we feature young members of the public to recite or freestyle their poem and/or rap, or speak whatever it is that is  on their mind showing off their vocal and intellectual prowess on camera to a global audience on our channel. We have already featured 6 up & coming artists and young citizens to (respectively) sing and speak what’s in their hearts and minds. Barring some teething problems getting the show off the ground, it has been insofar a fun successful ride platforming all the talented folks that come to us and for those that want to come on the show. Remember this podium is open for anyone (ages 30 and under) with a poem, song, rap that they’d love to share. Just contact us and your words will be reigning.

Description: UK_1-Sht-Teaser-Online


Hercules also has a reboot/ remake, this time starring the Dwayne the Rock Johnson.  This version has a twisted turn given it a darker feel, main reason why is because the synopsis is that Hercules is haunted by a sin from his past, Hercules becomes a mercenary. Along with five faithful companions, he travels ancient Greece selling his services for gold and using his legendary reputation to intimidate enemies


Guardians of the Galaxy

This Sci-Fi marvel movie is the newest addition to marvels comic series. Peter Quill, a space adventurer, finds himself the object of a bounty hunt after stealing an orb coveted by a treacherous villain, but when Quill discovers the power it holds, he has to find a way to rally the quartet of ragtag rivals hot on his trail in order to save the universe.

Description: C:\Users\Paballo1\Pictures\GOTG_Payoff_1-Sht_v4b_Lg.jpg


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Bad Neighbours  

When a university of male fraternity students move into the neighbourhood, Mac and Kelly Radner try and make an attempt to be cool with it, and try to get along with their new young neighboors and their obnoxius leader, despite the endless parties and loud music.

Step up all in

The fifth installment in the Step up series brings the return of previous stars including Briana Evigan, Ryan Guzman and Adam G. Sevani. This particular movie is set in Las Vegas, and this adventure shows all the stars coming together to take part in a competition that define their dreams and their careers.

Description: C:\Users\Paballo1\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\stepup-allin-poster.jpg


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M-Net Magic in Motion

Spirit Word

Gaining Ground Conference

Our Pastors and Leaders Conference will be taking place on 16-18 September.  The title is Gaining Ground.  Registration is open online  and the cost is R100 p/p for the 3 days including lunch.  Please make arrangements for your own accommodation.  We have cabins on the property for R130 p/p per night and bookings can be made at our Church Reception 018 484 8140.  

AFC Registrations

Enrolment is open for 2015.  AFC is a year-based program for young adults between the ages of 18-24.  During this year, students learn a variety of things in the ministry field.  From serving others to ministering life, helping in our school and doing outreaches in various towns.  They also get equipped with our first year Bible School teachings which is led by Prophet Kobus Snr.  For any queries, please contact the reception at 018 484 8140 or e-mail us at or you can phone Bruce Milne, AFC leader, at 079 264 0884.   

Durban – WOW WOW WOW!

Preaching on the Bluff and in a tent. It was great!  It brought back so many memories.  I also made sure not to miss out on steering a boat.

Description: E:\AUGUST NEWSLETTER\Spiritword Collage\Durban 1.jpg

Spreading the Magic

For many years M-Net has been committed to giving back to communities across South Africa, supporting a diverse range of social causes. These initiatives were undertaken under the M-Net Cares, ‘helping hand’ brand.

“Now, as with all things that progress, M-Net Cares is evolving into a new brand, simply titled M-Net Magic in Motion. M-Net Magic in Motion will lend its considerable support to a cause close to home, that of developing talent in the field of Film and TV production, channelling much needed funding into skills development, knowledge sharing, education and learning,” says Kershnee Govender, Corporate Affairs Director at M-Net.

Through the efforts of M-Net Magic in Motion, M-Net is focused on attracting dynamic young South African students from disadvantaged communities into the Film and TV community where their fresh perspectives and new ideas will shape the future.

Govender adds, “M-Net recognises that for many young South Africans, working in the Film and TV industry may seem like a far-fetched dream. That’s when M-Net decided to engage Compex to take its world of magic to students in the form of a first-ever Expo of its kind in South Africa.”

M-Net Magic in Motion Expo on 11 – 14 August 2014 at Marks Park in Emmarentia, Johannesburg. The main purpose of the event is to expose tertiary students to the many exciting career opportunities within the Film and Television industry. The initiative forms part of M-Net’s contribution to the development of the South African film and television industry; the increasing of the visual storytelling capacity of the country and ultimately adding to its own skills and content pool.

Compex’s Simon Lace explains that ‘’each day approximately 1 000 students from various academic institutions were transported to Marks Park. The fun and information packed day commenced with a Welcome from the popular M-Net personality, Proverb. The students then walked through the whole Production Process in order to experience on a first-hand basis what goes into the making of a production’’.

Various M-Net Production sets, including Isibaya, Survivor and Idols were reproduced in order to enhance an on-set experience. All of this contributed to the students understanding exactly what goes into filming, as well as other career opportunities arising behind the camera.

Compex transformed the Marks Park cricket and baseball fields for the event utilising 4000 square meters of marquees, nearly sufficient to cover the equivalent of a rugby field. In addition numerous other smaller stretch tents, flooring carpeting, furniture, branding, goodie bags, exhibitions stands, lighting, staging, screens and audio, and over half a kilometre of picket fencing was installed.

The event was designed to be more than just an exhibition; it was an experience that was insightful, enticing and engaging, giving the individual the opportunity to turn imagination and ideas into reality.

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Description: E:\AUGUST NEWSLETTER\Language Guild AD\Picture1.jpg

Taking a gap year?

Why not teach English!

It’s never too late to learn to teach English, or to speak the language.

At the Language Guild, we offer:

*       Courses for Potential Teachers

*       Courses for Learners



67 Minutes of Mandela day

By Njeri Wakaba

Friday the 18th of July is the world renowned Nelson Mandela day.  It is the day that the Heroic Tata Nelson Mandela was born. On this day people show their gratitude to the Late Nelson Mandela by giving back 67 minutes of their time to the community.

Footprint Media Students joined in this year to give back to the community as well. This how they spent their 67 Minutes of Mandela Day. 

Rejoice, Trevor, Prudence, Paballo and Nqobile went to the German old age home right across the way from Footprint Media Academy. They spent time showing love to the elderly; they cleaned their rooms, served them tea and even helped out at the garden.

Paballo said, “I felt a part of the society and it felt good to contribute to better someone’s life.”

Rejoice had this to say “Mandela accomplished the greatest dream ever by being the first president of a free country and he left us with the responsibility to honour and progress by making time to help one another”.

They concluded their 67 minutes in Newtown where they painted Nelson Mandela drawings that were donated to charity.







International Marimba Festival

By Ruby Manning

We were privileged enough to attend the International Marimba and Steel pan Festival which took place at St Benedicts college this year. It was a two day event, on the second and third of August 2014 , where schools from all over the country and International schools came together to compete and share in Marimba, Drum, and Steel pan playing as well as many schools showcasing their dancers. This event is unique because it brings together diverse cultures all over the country.

Workshops and competitions were split into different venues which covered various musical talents such as an Indian dance workshop, Gumboot dancing workshop and Hip-hop workshop. Dave Reynolds a composer and steel pan player covered the Steel pan playing workshops over both days.  The Afrikaans culture was represented by ATKV Centurion, and they were represented by the most traditional Afrikaans instrument called the saw. A saw which is used only as a musical instrument and never been used as a saw. Pops Mohammed, a well respected South African musical Icon covered a lecture about all the traditional African instruments and what they did.  In the main tent, the judges sat and watched many schools compete and showcase their talents. The music that even the young children played was beautiful and passionate tribute to their culture.

Whilst speaking to some of the coordinators of the event, as well as members of the public, I asked them to give one word to describe the event. “Vibrant”, “fun” and “educational” were some of the words I received as answers. These three words can describe the event, the music and experience was one I will never forget, and for those of you who missed out this year, you can catch the event on Footprint Media Television.

Footprint Productions

Foot printers are now open for business! We offer High Definition video coverage services in Corporate, Training and Music videos; Our all roundFootprinters also cover special events such as Birthdays, Weddings, Twenty –firsts etc.

Contact us on 087 720 087

or  for premium price videos.

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International Marimba and Steelpan Festival

By Hlulani Mabunda

2013 3rd Annual International Marimba and Steel pan Festival

Sweet resounding marimba’s and clanging pans in the forefront, the atmosphere is electrified with the voices of 1650 learners, each anticipating with widened eyes the premiere of the composition of “Danger Beach” for marimba’s and pans. Many drooling over the 300 marimba sets and pans arrayed like militia ready for combat before them.

If you aren’t at the edge of your seat by now it’s probably because I haven’t mentioned foot-long boerewors rolls ,cinnamon and sugar pancakes; even the espresso stand that marinated the 3rd Annual International Marimba and Steel Pan Festival air.

 Despite all the distractions, the participating students had their game on; the 3000 seater-tent fumed with intense competition. From categories like classical, jazz, traditional African and Afrikaans leidjies from students and bands that were at St. Benedict’s College in Bedfordview, we were all in for a surprise.  I met students and music teachers all the way from Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana and even Nigeria and which I must add took all the prices home.

With a tight schedule of starting at 08:30 to 21:00, I managed to steal away sometime to chat to some of the adjudicators as well the lecturers who were giving workshops and demonstrations to the students.

 Pops Mohammed, one of South Africa’s greatest musical icons said: “Music is a beautiful thing, and as I’m conducting these lectures and demonstrations, I’m looking for those students bring an African element into their music, and so the passion we are observing here is outstanding and proves to show that we will have an undying culture of music in our country.”

I also managed to catch the organisers, Jennet and Joan Lithgow who were very happy with the smooth running of the event as well as plat forming the South African culture to the international community.

It was an awesome one and so Big Ups to JT Communications, for my all access and “Behind-the-scenes” ...I got the Scoop!!!

Update me on your events and who knows; I might be writing about your event.



Inner Voice

By Keenen Leqoalana

As human beings, we have dreams and when those dreams take time to come true we often feel like giving up and we feel like we are dragging down the people that are giving us the support just because nothing is happening as fast as we would like.

When the rest of the world says ‘give up’ that small voice within us always say “try one more time” and that small voice is HOPE.  At times you know your dream is about to come true, but you just HOPE you will be alive when it happens.

 Just because it seems like it’s taking forever, one thing we don’t get, whenever we speak about giving up, we are mostly hurting the people around us that give us support as they see something greater within us.

Truth of the matter is, if something doesn’t happen today, tomorrow something might still happen.

You don't drown by falling in deep waters; you drown by staying there! #keep moving




By Palesa Mphithi

For the love of fashion

Shoe men should wear this Spring/Summer

By Kathy Kgoroeadira

I don’t usually focus on men’s fashion, so I thought on this issue I should focus a little bit on men just to make them feel special. Yes its woman’s month but there’s nothing wrong with switching it up a little bit. I’m sure you ladies don’t mind right?

I’m going to focus on casual and formal shoes that men can rock on a daily basis, when going to work or a meeting, when chilling with the boys or going to school. Then I will show you how you can put together an outfit with the shoes.

Description: Tribute to SA Music Heroes - Moretele Park Tribute Concert 2014


These oxford brogues are great for the smart casual look, worn smartly to a date or even on a Friday lunch meeting.

Description: lbimg

Description: lbimg

Paired with a neutral colored pair of joggers, along with a white or blue button down shirt and you will definitely get a few numbers and close that deal. You can get them at Stuttafords or


For the men that love their boots there’s always a classic pair of Timberlands. These are my absolute favorites because you can wear them with anything.



Rock them with your blue pair of jeans and a simple white vest and a light cardigan to show off your masculinity. The nice thing about ‘Timbs’ is that they can be worn by both men and women.

I believe that as a man you have to spruce yourself up a little bit, it’s not only for the woman to look good. So guys put a little thought in your outfits, it has never hurt anybody.



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1 Lewis Road,

Cnr Barry Hertzog and Empire Road,




087 720 0825





Web Site:


To advertise





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Featured Footprinter


Tebogo Mohlaka Mokgoadi

Who is Tebogo?

Tebogo is a young guy from Limpopo and I don’t know who I am yet I’m still searching I’m a lost a soul.

How has your experience been so far in Johannesburg?

 I kind of, like it but it’s not home.

How does it feel like being at Footprint?

It feels normal like being at home. And so far I have learned a lot and it’s a good place to be at.

Where do you see yourself after completing your diploma

Unfortunately I only have one goal, and that is to complete my diploma and I’ll take it from there  

Have you ever killed a goat?

Yes, but not in a bad way.

Have you ever been in a relationship?

No I’m not in a relationship because I’m trying to sort my life out before I get into a relationship.  

 What’s your type of girl?

 Any female. Because I believe that a woman is a        woman because of a man.          

What has been your worst date ever?

 I have never been on a date.

If you would change your name what would you change it to?

2pac shakur          

What do you like doing in your spare time?

Watching movies and series.

What are you most afraid of?

Snakes, heights and water.

What has been your worst experience ever?

When we had a talent show and I had to recite a poem. I hate public speaking                     

What’s your favorite meal?

Pap and anything I can eat with it.



Footprint Famo Birthdays!


Leo (7/23 - 8/23)

Happy b’day to all our August babies!

Keenan, Rejoice, Vusi and Prudence

This is your month, Leo, and you’re likely to impress others with your confidence, talent and ability to bring ideas to fruition.  You may experience exciting changes in the relationship department and your magnetism will be especially strong.  Family connections and intimate partnerships can undergo a healing transformation.  Be sure to use this month’s New Moon in your sign to set your personal goals for the coming year.

On August 10th, the Aquarius Full Moon will shine in your 7th house of partnership.  This Full Moon is also a Super Moon, meaning it will be at its closest proximity to the Earth.  This can intensify emotions and add an element of unpredictability.  You could have sudden realizations about a partner or what needs to change in your relationship.  This Full Moon could trigger your dramatic side, so make efforts to step back and apply logic to your situation.  If single, you could become attracted to someone who isn’t your usual type. Read more >>

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Its not just a footprint,

It’s a legacy

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