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March 2015

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31st March

2013 Students leave the nest

#Zoom In Shoots

1st - 14th April

#Ignite Production break

3rd – 12th April

#Easter break


Principal’s Pen

 April is lurking around the corner and besides it being time for Easter egg hunts, it also means a quarter of 2015 is behind us.

Our annual Foscars theme this year was Sophiatown and our 2015 intake (GR15’s) did us proud with colourful and creative décor and a special Sophiatown rendition.  The Foscars  is an important FMA event as it pays tribute to past students and this year our Sparky Award for most improved student went to Thulani Nkosi and Student of the Year went to Prudence Thabethe.

2015 is a significant year for us as it is the launch of our Footprint Media TV Channel and both Prudence Thabethe and Keenen Leqoalana were both given 5% shares (50 000 shares) each in           

the  channel. Well-deserved and we are looking forward to seeing great things.

Some of our GR15’s have already had a taste of the industry working with ATTV and Welela Studios.  Well done guys and always remember

 “We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson




“Tip-Toeing off Footprints nests...”


By Hlulani Mabunda



The Footprint Media’s April­­ 2013­ group sat stunned, eyes squinted with disbelief that the approaching Friday marked the day they completed their 2 Year Internationally recognized Diploma Qualification in Television Techniques.

To be happy or not to be; that was the question, one their quizzical faces couldn’t fail to hide.

The group of youngsters had arrived at Footprint’s door 2 years ago with no clue of what the media and television industry was about.  With beautiful minds, and hearts beating with the unfeigned passion to tell stories, the Footprinters gave it their all from day one.

In fact, from the very first “storyboard”  the flame to have media as a career and not a job gleaned brighter in each of them; so bright that one could already see the eagerness in each of them to one day see their names roll up with the end credits to great productions and movies.

…speaking of which, we’ve all produced our own ENG productions, Multi-cam Shoots and found our niche in the vast and intricate world of television and film. With that said, it comes as no surprise that two of the Footprinters were permanently employed into industry after completing the built-in-internship that comes with the programme.

“We’ve actually been that busy” one said. “I really can’t believe it’s almost over”.

Well, it is…even for me.  I’m literally at that one hard point where one must leave the nest and face the daunting industry all on one’s own.

The fears are there or more like struggling to lurk behind the shadows. I’ve been a Footprinter for 2 years and so I’m game to see if there’s anything the industry can throw at me that I can’t handle.

That said, BIG UPS to the crew and family I’ve become a part off!!

Although it may feel like there isn’t a clear checklist to victory and the undefined future poses to be intimidating, remember the words from Cheryl, Sheryl Lynn  and Ailsa…”The industry is your oyster, WE believe that you can be anything you WANT to be…

So go out there, with a clear vision and an unstoppable will to be the best…oh, and don’t let anyone tell you to go and fetch colour bars…

Mabunda Hlulani (aka “behind the scenes SRC leader”); FMA Graduate 2015!!!




By Prudence Thabethe

Once again the month of February was the month of the prestigious Foscars (Footprint Media Academy Oscars). Last year they kicked off with a bang with the theme of “Follywood” (Footprint’s Hollywood). The Foscers are a fun team building exercise for the students. It’s to welcome the new students and award the current students for their hard work and for some of the fun and hilarious stuff they did. All the students prepare performances for the day and the amount of hidden talent seen in the students is astounding. From singing to poetry, acting, comedy and much more. The fun doesn't end there….in between the performances there are awards. With categories like "flirt of the year", " smiley", " diva", "MIA", these are just some of the fun categories. Then there's the two serious awards, "Sparky" for the most improved student and Student of the year. The student of the year gets a star on the walk of fame through the pathway where it’s visible to everyone and in this year's Foscers, Student of the year 2014, Madala Kekana’s star was unveiled. This year's sparky went to Thulane Sandlane, one of the students who has worked so hard and proved himself. And the student of the year went to the dynamite Prudence Thabethe.

This year took us back to the 60’s era, the time of the good old jazzy music and dressing up dapper and just having fun. This year's theme was Sophiatown; everyone was looking fine In their Sophiatown attire. They definitely looked dapper

.Industry players were on the guest list too. The likes of Herbert Hadebe, Anne Williams, Nico Steyn, Du Preez Strauss, Carmel Nayanah and Aimee Bouwer  from Intellilab and Welela Studios respectively of course not forgetting the fabulous Ailsa Tulloch. 

It was a day of excitement indeed, two of our students were awarded with shares in Footprint Media TV. Keenen Leqoalana and Prudence Thabethe were presented with their share certificates. It was definitely a fun filled day and everyone enjoyed themselves.



Footprint Productions

Foot printers are now open for business! We offer High Definition video coverage services in Corporate, Training and Music videos; Our all-round Footprinters also cover special events such as Birthdays, Weddings, Twenty –firsts etc.

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*Construct     *Build     *Transform


M&SH Consulting provides sales and marketing solutions primarily to the tourism and hospitality industry.  We offer a highly individual and personlised approach and will evaluate all aspects of your business from operations to processes and construct a business plan, with time lines.  The key objective is to transform, grow your business and the brand.

Services offered by M&SH Consulting:

Ø  Sales Representation

Ø  Special Projects and Consulting

Ø  Coaching and Mentoring for individuals and groups

Ø  Training skills and solutions

Ø  New markets : Plan and Develop: Leisure, Golf Tourism

The services of M&SH Consulting are available on long or short term and will be designed specifically for your business needs.

If you would like to receive more information and details please contact:


Belinda Lamb

T:  083 627 5977






By Frekkie Thulane Sandlane

The Energy between us

The energy, between us is undescrible

It is the antimaterial particle

This energy is imperishable

it is true, fine and pure

no one can destroy it,

Not by time nor by error,

This antimaterial particle no one can destroy it- at any time-past, future or present.

It’s all around us

Love, is thus, an antimaterial, it is an energy that we both share....

This, is a living entity

It is in its finest, and immeasurable, it's always indescribable so permanent and eternal.

We both cherish,

It takes us,

It moves us,

It connects us,

It's a living force.

It controls our body, our material bodies

It's an influence, so powerful

Its knowledgeable and blissful

It is love that knows no boundaries...

“Life is a song-sing it. Life is a game-play it. Life is a challenge-meet it. Life is a dream-realise it. Life is a sacrifice-offer it. Life is love-enjoy it.”

Sai Baba.


Your Attitude Makes Or Breaks You.

By Keenen Leqoalana

It is your attitude at the beginning of any task that will determine your success or failure

Whenever the year begins, as individuals we always say, I want to see what does this year have in store for me. I think it’s about time we change our attitude, and ask ourselves what we have for the year, attitude wise! If we can start being honest to ourselves, one about our capabilities as individuals, because I feel at times we don’t set realistic goals for ourselves.

Hence when our goals don’t happen we get disappointed, simply because we didn’t have a positive attitude at the begging of the task. It’s well and good to have a vision and a goal, but it’s all pointless when we don’t have steps, on how to get to our goal and vision. Remember we don’t get what we want instantly.

However the universe finds a way to stall before it grants us what we want, in that way the longer it takes for us to get it, it turns in to a need, so that when we finally have it in our arms we respect it, love it most of all cherish it because we know how it feels not to have it at all.

#under dog




By Palesa Mphithi


Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

By Kathy Kgoroeadira


It's a new year and I must say I'm extremely excited to be back taking the fashion world to another level. This year I'm going to be doing things a bit differently, my focus is not only going to be on fashion but it's going to be on everything trendy, whether it's phones,  perfume, cars etc. if it's hot then we are definitely talking about it.

In this month's issue we will be featuring something I recently got for myself and I’m completely loving it.


I'm talking about the Samsung Galaxy K zoom!

What caught my eye on this phone was the fact that it looks exactly like a camera but yet it's a phone, great little gadget for all you ladies out there who love taking pictures. Plus it looks extremely cute in white, it's very user friendly so you won't have to find yourself annoyed at the fact that you can't figure out how to use it.

It may not be ideal when it comes to size and weight, it’s gets a little getting used to bit the battery life is great and it has 10x optical zoom.

Come on ladies is this just not the cutest thing ever??










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Featured Footprinter


Prudence Thabethe

Tell me who is Prudence, in one sentence?

Prudence is a dark horse, as Cheryl would say.

What is your favourite quote?

I wouldn’t say it’s mine, but it says: “Take each day as it comes.”-unknown

What are your interests?

Watching movies, reading and just analyzing people because I love to write.

If you were running for presidency what would you change in our country?

I would add to the constitution that girls should ask guys out and not the other way around.

Rock music or electro, and why?

Electro, because sometimes I just love to go ‘crazy.

What’s your favourite meal?
Anything with boerewors.

Which country would you like to visit?

I would love to go to Dubai.

What genre of movies do you like to watch?

I love horror movies.

If you had a boyfriend where would you take him out?

What makes you think I don’t have one…laughs hysterically

Oh well, it would depend on what kind of a person he is.

What was your most embarrassing moment in life?

It wasn’t embarrassing, but looking back now it actually was… when some guy was asking me out and I was running away from him and he was actually running after me.

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Footprint Famo Birthdays!

Aquarius  (01/20 -02/20)

Two little mermaids in da house!

Happy b’day Kathleen and Nqobile

Finances and communications may figure prominently for you this month, Aquarius.  Issues regarding joint finances can emerge around the Full Moon on March 5th.  The energy will support detailed analysis of joint ventures and accounts.  It’s a great time to go through the books with anyone you’re in business with and catch errors or find ways to better manage your money.  Getting organized now can put you in the best position to set financial goals later in the month. Read more >>


Pisces  (02/20 -03/21)

Three fish swimmin’around!

Happy b’day Paballo, Stacey and Nthabiseng

Relationships and work/finances are strong themes for you this month, Pisces.  You may be feeling the itch to make some changes to the way you earn and save money and the timing is right to find a better job.  Mid-month will kick off a powerful time to re-evaluate your career and determine what you are willing to commit to.  Whether or not you decide to change jobs, you’re scheduled to shake up your daily routines to allow you more freedom and individuality.  Health matters can have a breakthrough around this time as wellRead more >>




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It’s a legacy

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