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12th – 16th May

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Principal’s Pen



“There cannot be a crisis next week, my schedule is already full”

Henry A. Kissinger

Finally April and all the back to back holidays are over.  Our second year students are busy preparing their single camera insert shoots.  Cannot wait to see their finished programmes…then it is Internship for them.


Sons of Life have completed their first South African tour with resounding success.  We all

Look forward to the DVD’s and CD’s of the tour.

I have had the most amazing 6 weeks language course at the Language Guild.  Please read the article on Sumi who heads up the school.  A course I would recommend for you all to do.


Remember : “We are never too young or too old to learn”

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Footprint Media Academy expands its campus

Footprint Media Academy officially opened it’s doors to the public in March 2013. 18 months later and we have run out of space on the campus. The builders have been working tirelessly to complete the expansion in time for the July 2014 intake.

We are expecting a record number of students for the July intake as there are only a few spaces left. If you would still like to apply, do not leave it till the last minute, as you may be disappointed.

If you would like to be involved in the broadcast industry and would like to get a solid foundation of the industry as well as solid practical experience, then Footprint Media Academy is the place to be.


Contact us on 087 720 0825 / or come and visit us at 1 Lewis Road, Cnr Barry Hertzog Avenue and Empire Road, Auckland Park.



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English as a language of ‘many talents”

What if we told you that English has ‘many talents'; Yes, we all know it is a language that we use to communicate but it can also afford you an opportunity to meet, interact and experience different cultures. Welcome to the world of Sumi Cruz, the founder of The Language Guild, who perceives English as a language that unites people from all over the world in her institution.

Six years ago, Sumi started The Language Guild and began by teaching English to Journalists from Angola. Over the years, The Language Guild has opened its doors to learners from every part of the world. The Language Guild is a melting pot of cultures, but are all united by the common goal of learning or improving their English skills.  The learners and teachers both learn from each other as they come from different backgrounds. Teacher Grace Peveira pointed out, she teaches English but it’s a learning experience for her as well because she gets to socialise with people from all over the world. 

The Language Guild is a City and Guilds approved centre which is currently located in Cyrildene, Johannesburg.  The school mainly specialise in 2 areas.  One is the courses for learners, where they teach them how to read, write and speak English.  There are 6 levels offered, from beginners to the advanced level. The second area is referred to as ACE, which stands for Access Certificate in English language teaching, and this is offered to individuals wishing to move into English language teaching.  It is also suitable for experienced English language teachers wishing to upgrade their skills and qualifications.

When the students finish and pass their courses they are awarded an internationally recognized City and Guilds certificate and those who wish to go to university must also write the International Language Testing System (IELTS) examination.  Classes usually take place during morning hours from 9am to 1pm on weekdays.  A scrumptious lunch is served daily and transport is provided to and from the school, especially for citizens who are not from South Africa. 

The Language Guild is a successful institution that sees about 2 students enrolling daily, and the school is looking to expand even more to accommodate the demand. We asked Sumi what makes the institution such a hit and she said they have made the English language fun and practical for the learners.  If the topic is about animals, they will take the learners physically to the zoo. The staff are very motivated and friendly, the environment is serene, purely genuine and the facilities are excellent.  No wonder many students consider it as a second home. For more information about the institution or enrolment, click here and to learn more about Sumi Cruz, the founder of The Language Guild, watch the season premiere of Women in Motion’ coming soon on Footprint Media TV.


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The founder of The Language Guild, Sumi Cruz


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The language Guild premises in Cyrildene, Johannesburg

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By Prudence Thabethe

Finally we are at the last part of production, Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce you to, wait for it…… Postproduction. Postproduction editing is where the footage shot is trimmed, combined to form a proper sequence and also to correct mistakes. Editors are involved in the creative aspect of putting a whole program together; they edit a program according to the requirements needed depending on a show as well as adding, for example subtitles and all the different kinds of visual effects that you see on TV.


Right now, at Footprint Media TV, it’s a busy time for Editors who are under pressure trying to make the deadline. The Editors are working tirelessly to get these 3 shows edited; ‘Zoomin’, ‘Face of Gemini ‘and ‘Ignite’. However, the priority at the moment is editing ‘Ignite’ and ‘Face of Gemini’ since we have reached the phase of public voting. The previous shows have to air first before we move on to the final phases of production.  Soon the viewers will be able to start watching the shows on Footprint Media TV to familiarise themselves with the contestants and sooner enough to start voting for their favorite contestants. We are almost there; start clearing your diaries for fun watching to come.





Footprint Productions

Footprinters are now open for business! We offer High Definition video coverage services in Corporate, Training and Music videos; Our all round Footprinters also cover special events such as Birthdays, Weddings, Twenty –firsts etc.

Contact us on 087 720 087

or email  for premium price videos.

  306 insert project

High Heels; High Risks

By Nokwanda Yimba

When our Lecturer Cheryl Delport handed out a piece of paper that had the heading “Plan and Produce a video audio insert" my mind went ape! With excitement, of course.


Being a fashion lover, I decided to do an insert on high- heeled shoes. That was just it; I was more interested in the history and medical aspect of wearing high-heeled shoes. I felt that it would be a fresh and new approach to this adored fashion trend that puts women through lots of pain.


But first, I had to pitch my idea a few times to Ailsa Tulloch, our Executive Producer. After a lot of advice and constructive criticism from her, I got the go ahead! Thank you so much Ailsa :)


Planning for this shoot was also a challenge as I had to put all my pre-production knowledge to the test. Once that was sorted, I was ready to shoot.


I had a great time directing, thanks to my crew and talent. This exercise wasn't a breeze but I learned so much from it.


I'm crossing my thumbs for a distinction. Watch out for High Heels; High Risks on Footprint Media TV!



The energy between us

By Thulane Frekkie Sandlane


The energy between us I can’t describe

It is not like the energy produced by antimatter

This energy is imperishable

It is true, fine and pure

No one can destroy it

Neither time nor error

No time past, present or future


This energy is all around us

It is an energy that we both share

This is a living reality

It is in its finest form

Immeasurable and eternal

We both cherish it

It takes us

It moves us

It connects us

It's a living force


It controls our souls

Our material bodies

It's an influence, so powerful

It’s knowledgeable and blissful

It is love that knows no boundaries...


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Moving on

By Keenen Leqoalana

Some people believe time heals all wounds and some believe it’s what you do with the time that does. I believe in accepting, forgiving and moving on.


Accepting things brings an open mind. An open mind brings diversity, shows   your capabilities and even makes you realize your worth. It helps to even open your heart so as to heal faster and the sooner you accept, the faster you have peace within you.


Acceptance makes you realize that through every challenge you learn something new about yourself and those challenges build a stronger character within you. Flashback to all the challenges you have overcome, you probably won’t believe that you have made it this far. Life challenges are there to mould us into better people and not to break us. If there are no challenges, then we wouldn’t be able to identify our strengths and weaknesses.


Serenity Prayer:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.



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By Palesa Mphithi

For the love of fashion

  By Kathy Kgoroeadira


Your Winter Essentials


Winter is here and I know it’s a season most ladies hate because no one feels sexy in layers and layers of clothing. But, do not despair I have a few essentials one needs for that boring season, to bring out that sexiness even when covered up from head to toe.                                  


Description: Fashion 1A trendy figure hugging leather jacket, one can never go wrong with this, you can wear this with anything because it compliments which ever look you are going for.

Where to shop:  Oriental plaza and Mr. Price have a wide range of leather jackets.

Price range: From R120 - R299 if you’re in a bit of a splurging mood.  

Description: fashion 3                        

Knee high boots, one of the most warmest and comfortable things on earth, you can rock them in jeans or stockings and a cute dress or skirt you will look smart and elegant.


Where to shop:  The beauty of knee high boots are that they're in trend so your able to find them almost EVERYWHERE, if you’re looking for affordable prices oriental plaza is just for you.

Price range:  You can get them from R150 upwards.

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Another winter must have is anything fur, whether it’s a fur jacket, beanie, neck piece or gloves. It’s something trendy, always fashionable and chic.

Scarves are a huge essential for winter, throw it over a cute outfit and you will always complete the look.


Where to shop:  Mr price has scarves and snoods in all colors.

Price range:  This Tribal printed snood can be found for R44,99

Description: fashion 2


These are some of the items that you will need this season, very trendy and most importantly WILL KEEP YOU WARM. So ladies let’s welcome winter in style. For the love of fashion.


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Featured Footprinter

Keenen Reketso Leqoalana

Who is Keenen?

Keenen is a very humbled person that has been moulded by the challenges in life and Keenen is a person that is always smiling and willing to help people even if its way out of my capacity I find it very easy to help people but if I can’t I can’t. You will never hear him fighting with anyone he is always joking so yeah that’s Keenen.


If you tasked not to talk for an entire day, would you accept the challenge?

I would but someone would have to make me angry so that I would not talk for a whole day but i don’t think I would ever not talk for a whole day.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself working for a company that appreciates me for who I am. Living with my parents, no I mean my siblings. I have 3 siblings if I’m not living with them I will be providing for them. I see myself out of poverty living a better life not that I’m poor at the moment but I see myself living a much better life. Obviously I’m chasing after the money because of my passion.


Name three people you admire?

Cheryl, my principal here in (FOOTPRINT) I admire her because she believed in me the first time we saw each other and even today I still appreciate what she is doing for us here in the college

My Granny, you know on holidays she asked me when am I going back to school and I told her….and she said to me, you are doing a good thing my child, go be the person you want to be but don’t forget to look back and thank the LORD I am proud of you.

And oooh the last person I admire BUNNY he is like a brother to me, a friend, a person who can advise me and most of all he is the person I can be me around him, talk anything with him.

Who are you dating?

Uhmmm……I’m a dating a very intelligent, very honest, respectful, humble, loving and short tempered person but most people do not notice that………….that’s all you need to know .no names

If all the names in the world were taken and we were left with Dipsy, Patrick, Moshe

This is hard…….Patrick is kind of a rough name, Moshe is too local………I would go for DIPSY.

If  you were to trade places with any student here in Footprint, whom would it be?

NOBODY……but in terms of being calm, cool and don’t complain about useless stuff no matter what people do I would trade places with REJOICE.


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Footprint Famo Birthdays!

 Taurus  (4/21-5/21)

It’s your month to shine, Taurus!  The Sun lights up your 1st house, through the 20th, helping you to get noticed.  Your patience, determination, dependability and earthy sensusality will be highlighted.  You may be feeling strongly about your personal values and adding passion to your relationships.  Whether single or attached, you can become more clear on what you want by month’s end.  If you’ve been doing some work on your partnership skills, they can pay off in a fortuitous way.                  

One Taurean in the house!

Happy b’day Sheryl Lynn Matthews

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Its not just a footprint,

It’s a legacy

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